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The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today said the announcement by Buffalo, N.Y. police that they will begin confiscating guns registered to recently deceased citizens "is not simply cold-hearted, it is ghoulish".

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said a report on Fox News affirmed something that gun rights advocates have contended for years: "Gun registration leads to confiscation." Read more

Record-Level of Support for Guns in the Home

Score this one as a victory for the judgment of the American people.

For decades, anti-gun groups have been trying to scare Americans into getting rid of their guns, with the claim that you're more likely to have a problem if you have guns in your home, than if you don't.  But whatever they've been doing all these years apparently hasn't been working.  Not only have Americans been acquiring guns at record levels, Gallup recently reported that 63 percent of Americans now believe that having guns at home makes them safer, nearly double the percentage reporting the same belief 14 years ago.   Read more


Dear President and Members of the Board of Directors, 

Had I still been Host and Producer of my 12 year TV program, "Focus on the Issues", I would have zeroed in on this story the  very week it broke! As a frequent and satisfied customer of PANERA BREAD, I was totally upset to learn your company had banned firearms from your store! I have been a legally licensed carrier for about 40 years now, but never had to use my pistol in all those years! I do have an acquaintance however, who was beaten to the ground and robbed at 12:30 PM in front of our local K-MART! Not a licensed firearms carrier, she suffered a broken leg and spent months in Physical Therapy! 

Because of your Edict, I can no longer, in good conscience, purchase your excellent lunches and-pastries! I do understand that good enterprises like PANERA's can be taken in by folks who appeal to our inner 'bleeding heart', but commonsense demands that we search for. the truth! When we take a closer look at moneyed 'left-wing groups' like, "Mom's Demand Action" and the Michael Bloomberg (millionaire leftist) funded, "Everytown for Gun Safety", we find they are apart of the left's Cabal to disarm our Nation!

These are the hard facts regarding our 2nd Amendment:  Read more

Federal Judge Denies District Motion To Reconsider Palmer Ruling  

 The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has denied a motion by the District to reconsider its ruling in the case of Palmer v. District of Columbia, a Second Amendment Foundation case that nullified the city's ban on carrying firearms outside of the home.

Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr., who issued an opinion in July striking down the total ban on carry as unconstitutional, wrote the five-page opinion denying the District's motion. He reminded the District that "In light of Heller, McDonald and their progeny, there (was) no longer any basis on which this court (could) conclude that the District of Columbia's total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home (was) constitutional under any level of scrutiny" Read more

Governor Tom Corbett Signs Firearms Preemption Legislation into Law

Governor Tom Corbett (R) signed into law House Bill 80, the strongest firearms preemption statute in the country, at a public signing ceremony.  This critical pro-gun legislation strengthens the state firearms preemption statute to further ensure that firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout Pennsylvania and allows citizens to seek legal remedies against localities whose gun control ordinances exceed state law.  A much-needed protection for gun owners in the Keystone State, HB 80 will provide a way for responsible gun owners to hold municipalities accountable and responsible for infringing on our Second Amendment rights.  HB 80 takes effect in sixty days. Read more








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Articles of Interest From John C. Street 

Author's Bio - John is an inquisitive contrarian who writes, frequently with humor, about current events in fish and wildlife research as well as the ethical and societal issues that affect the outdoor life.

Hook, line and stinkers by John C. Street 

This isn't intended to get anyones political shorts in a bunch but , we've all seen enough of the goings-on in Washington D.C. lately to know that when someone says the implementation of some hair-brained scheme is "possible but not probable" they're either out in La-La land somewhere or just not paying attention."  Read more


John can be contacted at    johnstreet@windstream.net 

Click here for John C. Street archives

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