Gun in hand, West Virginia grandmother scares-off intruder: 'you're gonna die'

One grandmother in West Virginia wasn't afraid to fend off a would-be intruder who she says was trying to pry open her bedroom window on Christmas Eve morning.

According to WSAZ in West Virginia, Yvonda "Bonnie" Gatens awoke to the sound of someone trying to enter her bedroom window. Upon hearing the noise, Gatens told WSAZ she called 911 and grabbed her gun telling the intruder, "you're going to die."

Gatens says the man fell over to the side of the window and disappeared from view. When deputies responded they were unable to find the person.

Gatens had a warning of sorts for anyone else thinking of trying to break into her home, "If you come in here, it's going to be you or me, and I'll see to it that it won't be me."

Source: KATC.COM