Potential for Gun Control as Legislators Come Back to Harrisburg

This week, with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives coming back from their summer break, it is possible that House Bill 2227 may be up for a vote.  HB 2227 would allow the seizure of firearms with little or no access to due process.  Please contact your state Representative and strongly urge their opposition to HB 2227. 

House Bill 2227 creates so-called “extreme risk protection orders” whereby a hearing would be held, firearms would be seized, and constitutional rights suspended with little to no due process.  Under House Bill 2227, a law-abiding gun owner could lose their right to own or possess a firearm and then have the burden placed on them to prove the false nature of the petition in order to have their firearms returned.  This legislation does nothing to improve public safety, and allows for an extremely broad definition of who can petition to remove someone's Second Amendment rights

Again, please contact your state Representative and strongly urge them to OPPOSE HB 2227.

Source: NRA / ILA